Having your favourite wine at your fingertips doesn’t have to be a luxury. Owning a well-rounded wine collection can be convenient, especially when hosting guests for dinner or enjoying a relaxing night in. Often, people picture a fancy and expensive wine cellar when contemplating the idea of beginning a collection. Having a collection of wine doesn’t have to be a significant investment or big ordeal. Here are some guidelines that you can follow while wine collecting.

How to Begin Collecting Wine

It might be difficult to enjoy your wine collection without a place to store it. But, you don’t need to invest in a swanky wine cellar to store your wine properly. A small closet or secluded corner that’s free of direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and excessive vibrations will do just fine.

You can even create a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) wine cellar, and on a budget too! If you plan to use a closet, then shutting the door will help to regulate the temperature and block sunlight. Invest in some blinds or curtains to block any windows and make sure that your thermostat settings are adjusted accordingly to maintain ideal temperature and humidity. For storage, invest in wine racks that are on sale or in the clearance section. Alternatively, you could also store your bottles using clay pipes or clay tiles. They can help to maintain ideal temperature and humidity, while keeping your bottles safe. Just make sure they aren’t cracked or dirty, and that there isn’t any trace of mold or mildew.

If you do have the resources to invest in a quality wine cellar, you may want to head in the direction of a vault. This can create a safe environment to store your wine, as well as keep it at the desired temperature.

Now that you have an area to store your wine safely, it’s time to organize! A cellar book is a more traditional way of cataloguing your collection, while a spreadsheet or software application can provide you with a more digital approach. You should also plan on recording all documentation with each bottle of wine, including:

  • Purchase receipt
  • Auction information
  • Winery information
  • Anything that is noteworthy about the bottle itself

Properly organizing and tracking your collection can prevent wines from being forgotten, lost, or damaged.

Collecting Wine on a Budget

Now that you have a place to store your wine, it’s time to begin collecting! This is the fun part, where you have an opportunity to try different wines and experiment with your palate! Can you think of a better time to book a wine tour with Niagara Vintage Wine Tours? Neither can we.

When you invest in a new wine for your collection, buy two. That leaves you with one to drink right away, and one to add to the collection. Keeping it simple avoids overbuying and having a collection that leans more towards a certain vintage, region, or type. A modest collection can prove to have a more condensed variety of quality wines. Quality over quantity!

Keep an eye out for seasonal sales, clearance shelves, and closeouts on certain vintages to save money when adding to the collection. The LCBO sometimes puts its vintages on a “Bin End Sale”! You can even inquire about case discounts, as some retailers or wineries may give you a deal on a mix of bottles.

Collecting Wine for Profit? Make it a Hobby, Not a Job

Unless you’re an experienced wine collector with the intent to invest and make a profit, you should try to enjoy your collection as best you can. This is the time to experiment and really enjoy different wines. Finding what you like best can take years, especially as your palette grows and your taste evolves.

Investing in special, expensive wines can take away from the enjoyment of the wine. You may be hesitant to open the wine and enjoy, or feel remorse once you’ve cracked the seal. The best time to open your favourite bottle of wine might be on a special occasion, or a Tuesday night. Learning to enjoy your wine collection regularly can help enhance the joy it brings you.

All wines can age, not just red varieties. So, use this time to collect a wide variety of different wines. If your collection is starting to lean towards white, ask your wine tour guide to help you explore some new red wines or maybe a crisp, delicious sparkling. Having a wine collection can inspire you to take a wine tour with friends and family to discover new varietals.

Who knew collecting wine could be such fun? So, why not add to your collection or get one started with a Niagara Vintage Wine Tour! Take a look at some of the tours that are offered or give Niagara Vintage Wine Tours a call today to begin! Bring the beauty and culture of the Niagara region to your collection.