Many of us enjoy drinking wine because of the experience of wine tasting. It is often a social pass time that brings friends together. If you’re interested in learning more about wine, being guided by an expert can give you an opportunity to really explore different kinds of wine and learn new tips and tricks!

Having an advanced palate can really help you to further enjoy the experience. Chances are, you will understand what your group is discussing, learn something about a new kind of wine, or teach one of your group members a thing or two! One of the best ways to become a wine expert is to train your palate. With the right technique and effort, you’ll be tasting wine like an expert in no time!

Learn How to Properly Taste

First thing’s first, you should be tasting the wine properly. Allowing your wine to aerate properly with the use of a decanter or aerator is your first step. Aerating the wine allows it to properly oxidize, allowing oxygen to bring the wine to it’s true potential.

Fill your wine glass just less than halfway full. This provides you with enough room to humour your wine (swirl it in your glass), oxidizing your wine even further and truly unlocking all the aromas. Your nose is your best friend while tasting different wines. By the time you are an expert, blind tasting and only using your nose to identify wines will be a breeze. Put your nose as far into the glass as you can (keep sanitation in mind, here) and really breathe in the aroma.

Next, taste. Take small sips and allow it to swish around your mouth and on your tongue. Really pay attention to the different flavours and what makes the wine so special. Allow the taste to leave your mouth before moving on to another glass of wine.

Drink a LOT of Wine

To be a better wine taster, you need to taste it a lot.

Seek out opportunities to advance your palate and try new wines. Different places that you can further advance your skills might include a:

  • Wine tour
  • Restaurant
  • Dinner party
  • Special event or occasion
  • Wine, spirits and beer tasting festivals

A wine tour might just be the perfect opportunity to experiment with different wines! You can speak with an expert to discuss the aroma and flavour, verifying what you’re experiencing and truly advancing your tasting skills.

Pay Attention and Make an Effort

It’s important that you really pay attention while you try different wines. You should try to taste a variety of different kinds at once that all have something in common. Regardless if it’s the vintage, producer, region, or variety – it can help you to experience the similarities between them. If it helps, bring a notepad with you to document what you’ve learned. Or use the Niagara Vintage Wine Tours Sommelier GuideBook you’ll receive while on tour!

To train your palate, you must make an effort to try different kinds of varietals. If you wait too long in between tastings, chances are you might not retain what you’re learning. If you want to become an expert, you have to try your best to learn!

Learn the Language

Wine enthusiasts truly speak their own language. To the wine novice, these conversations about varietals, regions, and aromas might sound like a lot of fancy words. But to an expert, they’re describing, discussing, and comparing different wines. By learning the language, you can truly retain what you’re learning.

To get started, read this article that’s all about different wine lingo and what it means!

Is it time to advance your palate? One of the best ways to do that, or to get started on this new and flavourful adventure, is to go on a wine tour! At Niagara Vintage Wine Tours, we have a wide selection of tours available to choose from. Contact us today to book a wine tour in the Niagara region!