Are you a DIY enthusiast?

Well, even if you aren’t, we’ve gathered a bunch of fun and simply DIY ideas for those empty wine bottles you have lying around! Who knew that you could add such stylish and unique décor throughout your home with empty wine bottles? Plus, if you’re savvy enough and looking to save some money while planning for an event, such as a wedding, these wine bottle DIYs can make the perfect centrepiece!

Let’s get started!

1. Sand & Shells Nautical Theme

Let’s kick off our DIYs with a beach theme! You’ll need several empty wine bottles, white and navy-blue paint or spray paint, thin rope, sand, shells, and other beach-themed accessories, such as anchors or starfish.

Use the rope to wrap one of your wine bottles halfway, and then fill with sand until it’s about half an inch above the rope. Add some extra detail by using more rope to tie a bow around the bottleneck or where the sand begins and attach some décor, like an anchor. Finish up by dropping some shells on top of the sand and your first bottle is complete.

Use the rest of your bottles as accent pieces to the main bottle. You could paint white and blue stripes on one, or even simply tie some rope around the next and glue a starfish to the side. Of course, you can mix up these DIYs as you see fit! Play around with the sand, shells, and paint until you find a style that suits your tastes!

2. Mix in Mason Jars

Once you’ve found a wine bottle DIY that you absolutely LOVE, why not add some mason jars into the mix? Playing around with the shape and size can result in a more unique and aesthetically-pleasing final product.

Here’s an easy one for you to try. Gather two empty wine bottles, two mason jars, white spray paint, faux branches, some glue, and gold letters from your local craft store. Spray paint all your bottles and jars evenly and set to dry for several hours. Once dry, gather the L, O, V, and E letters and glue them to your bottles and jars, spelling out the word love. If you have the chance to snag a golden heart instead of an O, use that instead!

Once dry, add the faux branches into the bottles, and you have some new lovely home décor.

3. Fun & Trendy Vases

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?

When decorated to match your home décor, wine bottles can make lovely vases! You can use wine bottles of different shapes and sizes, and even add in a few mason jars to mix up the height. Use as many bottles and jars as you would like, and buy the paint colour that works best with the style of your home.

The rest is simple, just paint the bottles and set to dry. While they’re drying, head to your local florist and purchase a variety of flowers. You could even buy some baby’s breath and use a couple of the bottles as simple accent pieces.

Take this a step further with some extra décor. Try wrapping some simple lace around a few of the bottles, or wrapping thin rope around the neck and tying a loose bow, or even using a metallic spray paint instead!

4. Holiday Décor

One of the best parts about the holidays? Decorating!

Sparkles, lights, greenery, the scent of pine and cinnamon! It’s all so intoxicating. Just like the wine that you and your friends might have to share in order to free up a couple extra wine bottles for this next DIY.

You’re going to need several empty wine bottles, gold spray paint, glue, gold glitter, and pine tree greenery. Start by spray painting your bottles with the gold paint and setting to dry. Apply a light coating of glue to different areas of each wine bottle: one along the bottom half, one along the top half and bottle neck, and one throughout the middle.

Sprinkle the glitter along the glue and set to dry. Once dry, add your greenery into the top of the wine bottle, and now you have some lovely new holiday décor!

5. Simple Centrepieces

One of the best things about using wine bottles for DIY projects is that they make fantastic centrepieces! They are sturdy and tall, and easily decorated too, so they can make the perfect centrepiece for just about any table, coffee table, or even at an event such as a wedding!

Create the perfect centrepiece theme with thin rope! Use twine or hemp and glue to wrap your wine bottle from top to bottom. From there, you can easily match to vases of other shapes and sizes, tie bows, add additional décor and accessorize with lace, flowers, candles, and more!

For a more elegant look, gather several empty wine bottles, a few different shades of champagne, rose gold, and light pink coloured spray paints, champagne coloured glitter, fresh flowers, glue, and candles. Start by spray painting all the bottles in the different shades of paint, setting one aside. While those are drying, take the additional bottle and cover in a thin layer of glue. Cover the bottle from top to bottom in a thick layer of glitter. Set to dry with the rest of the bottles. Once all are dry, fill with fresh flowers and decorate with candles!

It’s Time to Get Some Wine Bottles!

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