We all love having a few bottles of wine on hand, whether it’s your favourite VQA wine to enjoy with a meal, to mark a special day, or to bring with you to a get-together. The question is, how do you store these bottles until you’re ready to enjoy them? We have compiled our top 5 tips for you to ensure your wine lasts the test of time.

Store your wine horizontally

No matter when you intend to open your favourite bottle of Niagara wine, you should be storing it on its side. This is especially important for wines with corks because it keeps the natural cork moist helping the wine age as it is designed to. If your wine has a screw cap or plastic cork, this is not necessary, although horizontal racking is great for saving space and helps maintain the integrity of your red and white wines.

Protect your Niagara wines from the light

No matter how your wine is closed, natural cork, screw cap, or plastic cork, keeping your wine away from the light is key. When light penetrates the bottle, it can damage the wine’s flavour and aromas, meaning the wine you brought home from your wine tour will go off before you’re able to enjoy them. There are many storage options available that keep that additional light away from your wine.

Don’t store your wine in a regular fridge

It may seem like a great solution if you don’t have a wine fridge, however, your kitchen fridge isn’t an ideal place to store your wine. This is because your fridge is designed to keep your food both cold  and dry so it stays fresh. These often aren’t the best conditions for wine which should be stored between 45° F and 65° F and your fridge routinely goes below this temperature. The kitchen fridge won’t harm your white wines if you’re storing them in there for a few days before or after enjoying them but any longer than that and you risk ruining it.

Store your open wine properly

You’ve opened a bottle of your favourite wine from a Niagara winery. Did you know that your open wine can last 3-5 days? If you’d like to extend your open wine’s life, try to recork your bottle! Using a small piece of wax paper, slip the cork back into place. If you’re not able to recork your bottle, then you’re able to use a rubber wine stopper, as well.

There are many different things to consider when your wine order arrives at your front door, you’ve brought home a few bottles of wine after a Niagara Vintage Wine Tour or are looking to store multiple bottles over a long period of time. Storage is one of those things. We recommend a centrally placed wine rack where you can store your wine on its side and out of the direct sunlight. If you’re just beginning to learn about wine, this is a great place to start. Our team of highly trained wine professionals are a wonderful resource for any questions you may have about growing your collection and storing your wine. Contact us for more information about our Niagara vineyard tours.