Thinking about visiting Niagara’s wine country? Not sure what to expect from your wine tour? Wine tours can often seem overwhelming, especially for the novice or first timer not familiar with myriad of wineries, and what they are recognized for.

At Niagara Vintage Wine Tours we take care of all the planning for you, as well as the worry free transportation! Advance reservations are made at each winery, so all you have to do is plan on having a good time. So there’s no need to worry, we’re the professionals and are here to make sure you get the most out of your wine tour experience!

No matter what your itinerary entails, if you’re embarking on your first wine tour or if you’ve planned a fully loaded wine tasting extravaganza, we’ve put together this clever infographic with our not-so-secret wine tour tips so all you have to do is enjoy yourself and everything that Niagara has to offer.

We hope after reading this we will have answered the pressing questions of what, when and why. The rest of your wine related questions can be answered on tour by our industry professional and certified Sommelier guides. Remember to ask lots of questions! Our tour guides are incredible resources to insider intel for local and wine industry information. There is no better way to make the most of your wine tour experience than to trust the top rated Niagara wine tour company, Niagara Vintage Wine Tours.

Visit our website for more tour details, or give us a call to at 1-866-628-5428 to inquire and book your interactive and immersive wine tour experience today!


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