Outdoor summer wine tasting party? Now, who doesn’t love the sound of that!
Delicious food, crisp wine, and a warm summer breeze! What a great opportunity to spend a gorgeous day or night making wonderful memories with family and friends. We’ve put together a guide that can help you plan an outdoor summer wine tasting party that will go off without a hitch and be remembered for years to come!
Keep reading to learn more!

The Right Space

It all begins with the right space. A well-planned landscape and backyard design can truly bring any outdoor shindig to the next level!
Your backyard should be fully-equipped with a variety of seating and dining options. Gatherings of chairs throughout your backyard will allow guests to sit together in conversation while they enjoy their wine. Prepare as many patio tables, coffee tables, or bars for guests to sit and enjoy their food and drinks at as you can.
You should also have an area of tables for beverages, food, and décor throughout your backyard. Buffet style is usually an easy and organized solution! If you’re going to be BBQing, make sure to keep your buffet area nearby.

The Right Summer Wines

The wine is arguably the most important part. It is a wine tasting party, after all.
You should aim to include (depending on your group size, of course):

⦁ 2 bottles of white wine
⦁ 2 bottles of red wine
⦁ 1 bottle of rose
⦁ 2 bottles of sparkling

You can plan your menu to include a variety of options that will blend well with each of these wines. That way, not only will guests be able to pair their wine to their food perfectly, but they will also have a wide selection to choose from.
It’s a summer party! Grilled meats, fish and vegetables are obvious crowd-pleasers, along with salads, fruit skewers, light desserts, and of course, a glamorous charcuterie board!
Give your summer wine tasting party an exclusive atmosphere by handing guests a flute of sparkling as they walk through the door! They will be thankful to have a refreshing glass of sparkling wine on a beautiful summer day!

The Right Essentials

It’s all about the details. The decorations and accessories used for your backyard party can really boost the fun and exclusive atmosphere! They caneven enhance the functionality of your backyard, too…
While planning your wine tasting party, don’t forget:

⦁ Exterior lighting (hanging twinkle lights or solar pathway lights can really set the mood!)
⦁ Candles
⦁ Centre pieces
⦁ Outdoor pillows and blankets
⦁ Flowers or plants
⦁ Colourful napkins
⦁ Tablecloths
⦁ Fun and trendy glassware, plates, bowls, and cutlery

Add to your food area with a customized menu! A mini chalkboard stand makes a great backyard menu. Use one for drinks and the other for the food served throughout the night.
Keep the bugs away with the help of citronella! You can purchase citronella plants, candles, or essential oils to help keep mosquitoes and other pesky insects away, in an all-natural way!

The Right Weather

As they always say, when it rains it pours!
Avoid bad weather from ruining your party by planning ahead. Try to plan your party at the most a week or two in advance if you want to steer clear of party-ruining weather.
If the weather changes and there is a chance of rain, have a plan b. Bring the party inside or even make use of a backyard tent or tarp area.
With the right planning and techniques, you’re sure to have a fabulous outdoor summer wine tasting party! Having trouble picking which wines to serve at your party? Why not book a Niagara wine tour? At Niagara Vintage Wine Tours, we have a lovely selection of gorgeous and informative tours available! Contact us today to get started and book your next tour!