It’s important to store your leftover wine properly. This ensures that the flavour and aroma last longer once the bottle has been opened. Unopened wine can be stored for years, but once opened it will only last for a few days. Once you have found a new favourite wine from a Niagara-on-the-Lake winery you should be able to enjoy it until the very last drop! You can inquire about the best ways to store wine and more tips and tricks during your Niagara Vintage Wine Tour.

Different Wines Store Differently

Different types of wine require different storage techniques in order to ensure that you can enjoy one bottle on two separate occasions.

White wine generally lasts three to five days within your refrigerator when sealed properly with a cork. During the pre-bottling process, full-bodied wines such as Viognier and Chardonnay see more oxygen. This means they tend to oxidize more rapidly after being opened. Red wine also lasts roughly three to five days, although it can simply be stored in a cool dark place. If your home exceeds 21°C then you may want to store your red wine in the fridge. The more tannin and acidity your red wine has, the longer you can store it opened before it goes flat. Although we do not recommend storing opened red wine for longer than a week.

Sparkling wine stores best with the help of a specialty wine stopper (purchased online or at a winery) as the pressure within the bottle can eject the new cork. You can keep your sparkling wine, like Champagne or Cava, inside of the fridge for roughly one to three days before the bubbles dissipate and the wine goes flat.

Light, sweet and rosé wines store nicely for about five to seven days when stored with a wine stopper or cork in the fridge. After the first day, you may notice that the aroma of the line has been lost slightly. But you can rest assured that it will still be okay to drink a week from opening.

The brandy added into fortified wine allows it to last for much longer than other wines. Fortified wine can last up to 28 days when stored in a cool, dark place. When dealing with bag-in-a-box wine, it can generally be stored in the fridge for two to three weeks.

Why Does Wine Go Bad?

Wine does not have an expiry date, but over time, the taste and aroma will degrade and the wine will no longer be enjoyable. Often, the overall experience of drinking wine is crucial to how well one enjoys it. When the wine has gone bad, the quality of the experience will undoubtedly decrease as well.

There are two ways unopened wine can go bad. The first is caused by acetic acid bacteria. When the bacteria absorbs the alcohol in the wine it will metabolize it into acetic acid and acetaldehyde. This results in the wine having a blunt smell that resembles vinegar.

The other way is rapid oxidization though a faulty cork. Oxidization will result in the wine having a nutty, old fruit taste. This chemical reaction strips the wine of its lovely fresh, fruity taste.

Storing Unopened Wine

Unopened wine should generally be kept in a dark wine cooler or storage unit. Storing the wine horizontally on its’ side with the label showing for identification within a sturdy and safe rack is the best way to begin. The storage area should be kept at 8 to 18°C, with a near-perfect average temperature of 12.5°C.

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