What better way to complete a day of wine tasting than with delicious and savoury food. If you pair it perfectly, wine can enhance the overall dining experience. But, if the choice of food isn’t quite right for your preferred wine, you might have a recipe for disaster.

To find out the best way to pair wine with various dishes, attend your Niagara-on-the-Lake wine tour prepared with great ideas for wine and food combinations.

What Should You Pair Next?

Pinot Noir

Among some of the most popular wines in the world, Pinot Noir is known for its romantic appeal. This dry red wine tends to go best with earthy flavours such as mushrooms, truffles, and duck. A light pinot is best mixed with cold meats, French dishes with light and creamy sauces and spring vegetables. Goat cheese is always a favourite go-to for pairing with a light pinot. A richer pinot tends to go best with heavy meats, for instance roasted goose or turkey, glazed ham, venison and char-grilled steak.


If you plan on drinking chardonnay with your meal during your Niagara-on-the-Lake wine tour, you may want to order some seafood. Chardonnay tends to pair well with fish in a rich sauce. Light and delicate meals usually pair well with a young chardonnay. Some seafood options might include crab, prawns or a lightly steamed fish. If seafood isn’t on the menu, another great option is pasta. A pasta with a very light sauce and spring veggies would go amazing with a young crisp chardonnay. A more mature chardonnay pairs best with savory dishes. Paired best with meals that can be as simple as roast chicken with potatoes, mushrooms and tomatoes or roasted seafood. A grilled or roasted lobster paired with a mature chardonnay will have your mouth watering for the entirety of your Niagara Falls wine tour.


If you enjoy salty or fish-based meals, then champagne might be the wine for you. Champagne will go with anything salty, especially cheese. Some of the more popular cheeses to pair with champagne are Gouda, brie and cheddar. There are a variety of meals that can easily be paired with champagne during your Niagara Falls wine tour. Meals like grilled chicken served with stuffed mushrooms or lobster are classic choices. If you are craving seafood, champagne goes well with sushi, raw oysters and shrimp.

If you are sipping champagne during your wine tasting, then you may also have a variety of dessert options at your fingertips. Treats like tarts, pudding, shortbread and juicy chocolate covered strawberries are your best bet, although it’s hard to go wrong with any dessert.

Pinot Grigio

This crisp white wine is best paired with light and delicate meals. Light seafood based dishes with a soft and crisp consistency go well with Pinot Grigio. Fish options on your wine tour could include snapper, flounder, tilapia, scallops or oysters. A simple chicken with a lemon based sauce is another tasty option for pinot Grigio. The list of cheese that goes well with Pinot Grigio goes on and on. Some popular options include parmigiana reggiano, brie and mozzarella among many other soft and mild cheeses.

Trial and Error

Among a wide variety of food and wine options during your Niagara Falls wine tour package, the deciding factor is you. What works for one person may not for another. Your best option is to have an open mind (and mouth) and try as many pairing options as you can during your wine tasting. Through trial and error you can create your mental list of which wines go best with certain food. You might find some new recipes, delicious wines and new tastes in life.

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