Once you’ve found that perfect bottle of wine, it can be hard to stay away. You might even find yourself making excuses to have a glass here and there. But the good news is, there’s no need to make excuses! It’s quite common for adults (of legal drinking age) to have a glass a day. It has even been found that having a glass of wine each day can help increase your happiness and improve your overall quality of life (within moderation, of course)!

Let’s find out why!

The Importance of Moderation

Enjoying a glass of wine here and there can prove to be beneficial for your physical and emotional health. But the important thing to remember is that consumption should be done in moderation. Drinking more than the recommended amount on a regular basis can lead to potential health issues, which is why it’s so important to drink in moderation.

The recommended amount is for women to have one glass a day and men to have two glasses a day, with a glass being 150 ml. (5 oz.). Try enjoying this glass of wine with dinner or while catching up with a loved one. Wine is always better when it’s shared!

Stress Relief

Everybody has their own special way of unwinding at the end of a long, stressful day. For some, it might be cooking up a storm in the kitchen, others, it might be having a long bath and curling up with a good book. No matter what helps ease your stress and relieve your physical and emotional tension, it’s important to find what works for you in the healthiest way possible.

For some, having a nice glass of wine at the end of a long day is just what they need to de-stress. Drinking in moderation is key here, as drinking large amounts of alcohol isn’t the healthiest way to deal with your stress or personal problems. But having one glass of wine at the end of the day might be just what you need to relax and reflect on the day’s events. Make sure to enjoy every sip!


Who doesn’t love catching up with family and friends over a glass of wine? Spending time making cherished memories with family and friends is a great way to increase your happiness!

Having a glass of wine with dinner, or simply just enjoying a glass in the company of your loved ones can help improve the entire experience. You can catch up and enjoy each other’s company, all while enjoying the aroma and taste of a great bottle of wine.

Enjoying a lovely bottle of wine with friends on the weekend can provide you with a night of enjoyment! It can even become a tradition to share the same bottle over and over again. You can taste the delicious flavours of your Niagara region wine, all while enjoying a little buzz with your best friends! You might even want to host your own wine tasting party!

Wine Hobbyists

Having a hobby can help increase your happiness in many different ways. A hobby can provide you with something productive to do in your spare time, give you something to be proud of, offer you a new set of skills, or simply allow you to do something that you’re truly good at.

Wine, is no different. Many use collecting, tasting, and learning about wine as a hobby. This is a hobby that can actually prove to be quite fulfilling. There is so much rich history to learn when it comes to wines from all around the world, and here throughout the Niagara region.

Going on tastings with family and friends can prove to be a great pastime or weekend getaway. It can even provide you with more motivation to venture to Europe, as some of the world’s best wines are found in the heart of Italy, France, Spain, and more!

Creating a collection of wines can be truly rewarding. You can collect wine and age them for consumption, or even to sell them in the future. Creating a lavish and functional cellar can also become a great part of the wine collecting experience. Not only can you improve the aesthetic and curb appeal of your home, but you can increase the value, too!

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