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Wine tasting tips

Wine Tasting Tips

Wine Tasting Atmosphere

The surrounding atmosphere can affect your wine tasting. If there is a strong scent, for example of perfume or food, it can affect the way you react to an aroma. A noisy or crowded room can also have a negative effect on a wine tasting. Here you are more likely to be distracted from the wine in your glass.If your wine tasting atmosphere isn’t your cup of tea (or glass of wine), simply try moving to a more neutral environment. The atmosphere may be more favourable on the other side of the room, or a different room altogether. The tasting staff at the wineries during your Niagara Vintage Wine Tour will be able to advise you of the most neutral atmosphere available.
best time wine tour

When is the Best Season for a Wine Tour?

The best time of year for a wine tour is now! Wine tours can be enjoyable all year long.  What season you book a tour in completely depends on your personal preference. Spring and Autumn often present more ideal times to book a wine tour in Niagara due to moderate weather. On days where the weather ranges from 12°C to 22°C you may find it to be the most comfortable, since there is some walking involved. Most can wear a comfortable and light outfit and bring along a sweater or jacket, just in case.

What Wines Should I Serve at My Wedding?

There’s no doubt about it – planning a wedding can be stressful! There are many different aspects that need to be taken into consideration and details accounted for.  This includes the food and drinks that are served at the reception. If you plan on having wine served at your wedding, it may be wise to explore wines that will pair best with your wedding food and suit the tastes of your guests.A Niagara Vintage Wine Tour provides a great opportunity to explore different wines that you could serve at your wedding. For more information about Niagara-on-the-Lake wine tours, contact us today.
storing wine

The Best Way to Store Your Wine

The fact that wine needs to be stored properly to maintain peak quality is common knowledge. However, knowing how to store wines properly is not as common. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid the negative effects of improper storage on a wine’s colour, nose, or taste. For some people, the change may be too subtle to notice or may attribute it to other factors. But if you enjoy wine, storing it properly will ensure maximum quality when you are ready to open that bottle.So what constitutes proper storage? That depends on whether your bottle is unopened or opened.
store open wine

How to Store Opened Wine

It’s important to store your leftover wine properly. This ensures that the flavour and aroma last longer once the bottle has been opened. Unopened wine can be stored for years, but once opened it will only last for a few days. Once you have found a new favourite wine from a Niagara-on-the-Lake winery you should be able to enjoy it until the very last drop! You can inquire about the best ways to store wine and more tips and tricks during your Niagara Vintage Wine Tour.
wine party lingo words expert

Wine Lingo and What it Means

When on your Niagara-on-the-Lake wine tour you may hear wines being described with words such as earthy and balanced. To a wine-novice, this may sound unappealing, although once you learn the wine lingo – you will understand that these words are describing a great wine! Being aware of what popular wine lingo means can help you to understand what certain labels mean, ask more in-depth questions and follow along with ease. Understanding the basics of wine terminology can help to improve your overall experience during your Niagara wine tour.


It’s Harvest Time in Niagara Wine Country!

The wines you will taste a few months and years from now will come from this year’s harvest.  While you are enjoying last year’s wine on one of our tours, viticulturists are busy in the vineyards. Will it be an exceptional vintage year?  September to October is typically the harvest period for Niagara On The Lake wineries.  Wineries in Niagara will base their decision on the ripeness of the grape. This is measured by the sugar, acid and tannin levels. The style of wine they wish to make will determine the sought after levels of each component.
pair food wine pairing

Pair Your Wine and Food Perfectly This Summer

What better way to complete a day of wine tasting than with delicious and savoury food. If you pair it perfectly, wine can enhance the overall dining experience. But, if the choice of food isn’t quite right for your preferred wine, you might have a recipe for disaster.To find out the best way to pair wine with various dishes, attend your Niagara-on-the-Lake wine tour prepared with great ideas for wine and food combinations.

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