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Top 4 Wine-Based Holiday Drink Recipes

It’s time for holiday parties and time spent with family. What would a cozy night by the fire in late December be without your favourite wine-based holiday drink? We’ve gathered our top four holiday drinks that can be easily crafted in under 10 minutes, all with help from your favourite Niagara wine! Let’s take a closer look!


Cooking with Wine – Tips from the Experts

The kitchen can truly be a magical place. It’s where family and friends come together to create meals that are true works of art. In saying that, you can create a true masterpiece by adding wine to certain dishes. Now, that doesn’t mean you can just throw in a splash of your favourite bottle of Niagara’s finest anywhere you please. Cooking with wine takes finesse. Let’s take a closer look at the best ways to cook with wine. Maybe you’ll find a new spin on your favourite recipe!
wine cost

Why Do Some Wines Cost So Much?

Everyone enjoys the satisfaction of a great deal! Buying wine is no different than anything else. We want the best product for the lowest price. In Ontario, a bottle of wine can sell for as little as under $10 or as much as several hundred dollars. So, why do some wines cost so much?The production of a bottle of wine involves many steps with many vested interests along the way. Each contributor must receive a level of compensation. They must cover their costs and make a profit to make their contribution worthwhile. (It’s business after all!) Put together the sum of these costs and you arrive at the price of a bottle of wine.Let’s look at some of the specific contributors to cost. We’ll also illustrate some of the differences between a wine with a high price point and a low price point.
holiday pairings

Holiday Pairings for the Perfect Meal!

If your family is anything like mine, wine and Winter Holidays go hand-in-hand. In fact, sometimes the wine is more important than the presents! Holiday Pairings give you a perfect opportunity to share your favourite wine finds from the year with family and friends, and a great time to indulge in some of the best that Ontario has to offer.

Aging Your Wine – How Does it Work?

“Wait, you’re saying that my wine can get even better?!” Well, yes, in some circumstances your wine can get better! As the old saying goes, some things get better with age. This is true for a small variety of wines. Some wine can be aged from five to ten years, and some even 20 years or more! So, how do we begin aging our wine?Well, let’s find out!
everyday uses-wine-unexpected-beauty

Everyday Uses for Wine You Didn’t Expect!

Do you have some leftover wine? If it’s a great bottle, we don’t blame you if it’s empty, but we can all relate to the pain that comes from pouring unused or spoiled wine down the drain. So, what would you say if we told you that there are everyday uses for spoiled or leftover wine around the house? That way, your money can go to good use and no wine is wasted! It’s a win-win situation.
aerators and decanter for wine

Are Aerators and Decanters Effective?

Wine lovers of all tastes have one thing in common: their appreciation for a fine wine.From the most experienced wine sommeliers to those who are new to the world of wine; we are on the same journey, which is to find the best tasting wine and then enjoy it for many years to come. Many find that a sure-fire way to enhance the overall experience is to use either a decanter or an aerator, or a combination of the two. These tools can help stimulate and speed along the oxidation processes, while filtering sediment from the glass. But, do these tools really work?Let’s find out.
happy couple drinking wine in niagara

Does Drinking Wine Regularly Make You Happy?

Once you’ve found that perfect bottle of wine, it can be hard to stay away. You might even find yourself making excuses to have a glass here and there. But the good news is, there’s no need to make excuses! It’s quite common for adults (of legal drinking age) to have a glass a day. It has even been found that having a glass of wine each day can help increase your happiness and improve your overall quality of life (within moderation, of course)!Let’s find out why!
Pouring red wine into the glass against wooden background

HELP! How Can I Tell If My Wine Has Gone Bad?

There’s nothing like coming home to a nice glass of wine after a long day at work.Especially when it’s all you’ve been thinking about that day. So, you can only imagine how disappointed you would be to come home and realize that your bottle of wine has gone bad. Regardless of if it’s opened or unopened, all wine does risk going bad. Of course, there are some wines that are meant to be aged, but it can be hard to discern which bottles will last and which ones won’t.Let’s take a look at some of the tell-tale signs that your wine has gone bad. But first, how does wine go bad?
Wine Glasses as Decor

Top 5 Empty Wine Bottle DIY’s You’ll Definitely Love

Are you a DIY enthusiast?Well, even if you aren’t, we’ve gathered a bunch of fun and simply DIY ideas for those empty wine bottles you have lying around! Who knew that you could add such stylish and unique décor throughout your home with empty wine bottles? Plus, if you’re savvy enough and looking to save some money while planning for an event, such as a wedding, these wine bottle DIYs can make the perfect centrepiece!Let’s get started!

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