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Fruit Wine: It’s Not Just for Grapes Anymore!

Fruit wine is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juice of an organic material that is not grapes.  Some common varieties of fruit wine include peach wine, plum wine, and blueberry wine. But, it is possible to make wine out of organic materials that you may not expect, such as dandelions and potatoes.  Renowned for its production of world class grape wines, the Niagara Region is also a producer of award-winning fruit wines.
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Biodynamics 101: Beyond Organic

Biodynamics is an agricultural philosophy that regards the vineyard as a complete ecosystem.  It bears some commonalities with organic agriculture but takes the philosophies of organics to a new level.  Biodynamics abstains from the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the vineyard. It also abstains from artificial adjustments in the winemaking process.  Biodynamic farmers only use natural fertilizers and schedule their vineyard maintenance according to the lunar calendar.  This agricultural philosophy predates modern organics and was first conceived by Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner in the 1920s.  The facets of biodynamic winemaking are discussed in more detail below.
roses vineyard napa

Pretty With Purpose: Roses in the Vineyard

A journey through Niagara wine country is a feast for the palate as well as for the eyes.  Make a trip to the Niagara Peninsula in summer and you’ll enjoy the sights of the rugged Niagara Escarpment, the shimmering waters of Lake Ontario, and if you look closely, roses are in full bloom at the ends of many rows of grapevines.  These rose bushes naturally contribute to the beauty of the vineyard, but they serve a practical purpose as well.
Cuvée 2018 - vehicle - NVWT - Wine Tour

Cuvée 2018 – The Niagara Vintage Wine Tours’ Perspective

Cuvée is many things;  It is a celebration of the grape and wine industry in Ontario,  An opportunity for Ontario’s winemakers to showcase their favourite wines,  A place for industry professionals to network,  A recognition of Ontarian winemaking excellence,  An acknowledgement of academic achievement by today’s oenology and viticulture students, And, a lot of fun!
wayne gretzky whisky

Wayne Gretzky: A Legend in Hockey, Whisky, and Wine

Wayne Gretzky; a name hockey fans have known for decades is also a name increasingly noticed by many that have never seen him play. There is no doubt that Gretzky first received recognition and fame as a talented hockey player. But it is arguable that he is now appreciated for the award-winning Gretzky brand wines, newly constructed Wayne Gretzky Estates (WGE), the unique No. 99 Canadian Whisky, and his ongoing commitment through all of this to give back to the community. Wayne Gretzky is making his mark in Canada and across the world that will last longer than his hockey career ever could.
Whisky Cocktails Old Fashioned Ice

Canadian Whisky Cocktails: 3 Ways to Get Your Whisky On!

Canadian whisky is a great thing, but how is it best enjoyed?  In my opinion, there are three primary ways to drink whisky: neat, on the rocks, or–my favourite–in a cocktail!  Enjoying whisky neat or on the rocks is a great way to appreciate the product in its purest form without the influence of other ingredients that are working to change the balance of the beverage.  When you’re looking for something more adventurous, whisky cocktails can taste earthy, sour, or sweet.  Here are three of my favourites!
Ice Wine Grapes Hanging

Icewine: Niagara’s Natural Magic

When it comes to Icewine, nobody beats Niagara!  Icewine is a dessert wine style known for its extremely high level of natural sugar and for its intensity of flavour.  But how exactly is this sugary, highly focused wine achieved?  Let’s learn more about this exciting product and expose the natural magic behind Niagara’s Icewine.
wine-chocolate pairing

Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to explore wine and chocolate pairing. When pairing wine with any food, not just with chocolate, there are some guidelines to follow.  To pair properly, more attention should be paid to the structural components of the wine than to its flavours.
icewine martini-sweet-strong-icewine

The Icewine Martini – Strong and Sweet

The Icewine Martini is a perfect combination of Vodka and Icewine. In years past, Icewine has been enjoyed on its own.  This year however, I want to pump up the Icewine with some vodka.  Commonly referred to as an “Icewine Martini”, this cocktail is both sweet and strong.

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