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how oak barrels influence wine

To Oak or Not to Oak? How oak barrels influence wine

Any visit to Niagara’s wine country isn’t complete without a tour of a working barrel cellar. The barrel cellar is one of the most famed aspects of winemaking. Perhaps more than any other part of the winemaking process, it is the time that wine spends in barrels that creates the most interest and intrigue. Thirsty wine enthusiasts love to explore these cool and dimly lit rooms, which are often underground to take advantage of natural temperature control. Row after row of beautiful, handcrafted barrels can be the perfect place to pose for photos or even to pop the question!
wine cork vs screw caps

On Corks and Screw Caps

As someone who has studied wine as a career, I freely confess that there is confusion and misinformation out there regarding the differences between a bottle of wine that is closed with a cork versus a screw cap. I have read texts and spoken to winemakers and tasting room hosts who offer outright conflicting information.
red wine for white wine drinkers

Red Wines for White Wine Drinkers

I freely confess that I am a white wine drinker. Given the choice between a white wine and a red wine, I am going to pick the white every time. I enjoy whites because I like to feel refreshed when I drink. I enjoy the generally lighter body, refreshing acid, and clean texture of white wines.
rose wine for lovers to share valentine's day

Rosés for the Lovers

We often talk about white wine and red wine, but what about rosé?  I often refer to rosé as “the forgotten wine style,” but it is not to be overlooked.  Rosés suffer from a bad reputation for being overly sweet, and an outdated and incorrect perception that they are only for women—not true!  Many of today’s rosé wines are being made in a dry style that appeals to all sexes.
romantic couple drinking red wine together

Heart Throb Reds

Have you ever noticed that Valentine’s Day falls during a cold and dark time of year?  I like to think that Cupid planned it that way on purpose.  Maybe he knew that just what we need to get through the middle of the winter is a reminder that life is better when we share close and romantic moments with the person we love.  The middle of winter is also the perfect time to enjoy red wine from Niagara!  Usually heavier than whites, often drier, and served at a warmer temperature, this Valentine’s Day rekindle your amourous feelings for your special someone by sharing one of these delicious red wines from Niagara’s wineries together.
cooking with icewine in niagara on the lake

Cooking with Icewine

Icewine is renowned for its sweetness. It is a dessert style of wine that is very high in natural sugar and made from grapes that have frozen on the vine in winter, a process that naturally concentrates sugars and flavours. As Niagara is the Icewine-producing capital of the world, our local market has plenty of access to this liquid gold, and it can be a very popular Christmas gift in Ontario.
giving wine as a holiday gift

How to Give the Gift of Wine

A family that drinks together, stays together, so why not give the gift of Niagara wine?  But choosing the right bottle for your loved one can be an unwelcome cause of stress during a season that is supposed to be filled with joy.  White or red?  Sweet or dry?  How much do you spend?  There are a lot of options out there.  Let’s go over a few simple “dos” and “don’ts” when it comes to giving the gift of Niagara wine.
How to Taste Wine like a Sommelier

How to Taste Wine like a Sommelier

If you have ever seen a sommelier or a wine professional taste wine, you may have noticed that there is a lot more to it than simply lifting the glass to your lips and taking a swig.  Indeed, to get the most out of tasting a wine, a sommelier will follow a specific procedure that is designed to provide the taster with as much sensory information about the wine as possible.  This article will go over a sommelier’s approach to wine tasting and give you the knowhow to taste wine like a pro!
what is the difference between bulk wine and fine wine

Bulk Wine vs Fine Wine: What’s the Difference?

Every industrial sector produces goods that range in quality and price.  Wine is no different in this regard.

When I host tours of Niagara’s wine country as a Wine Smart Guide working for Niagara Vintage Wine Tours, one of the aspects of the wine industry that I always try to convey to my guests is an appreciation for quality.  Not all wines are made equal.  For someone who is new to wine, it can be difficult to appreciate, or even notice, the difference between a fine wine and a mass-produced bulk wine.

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