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Learning about wine in niagara falls ontario

Opportunities for Wine Education

If the only thing you know about wine is that you love wine, you might be a perfect candidate for some wine education. Learning about wine will enhance your appreciation of the product and help you choose wines that you like with greater confidence and accuracy. Wine education can teach you how to decipher wine labels so you have a basic understanding of what a wine will taste like before opening it.

what does VQA mean for wine

“VQA.” What’s in it for me?

You are in the LCBO or a winery retail outlet poring over the bottles of wine from Ontario in search of the perfect pick. The bottles are littered with words: winery names, places, fancy descriptions, and over and over again three little letters keep appearing: V. Q. A. With so many bottles wearing the same three letters, there must be some significance to this. When it comes to “VQA,” you may find yourself asking, “what’s in it for me?”

History of Wine in Niagara Falls

A Brief History of Ontarian Wine

There is no better time to celebrate the wine industry in Canada than on Canada Day! Canada produces wine in four provinces: Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Québec. For our purposes, let’s focus in on the wine producing region of Niagara, Ontario. Not only is it the biggest wine producing region in Canada, it is home to Niagara Vintage Wine Tours—one of the world’s great wine tour experiences!

wine tour on mother's day

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Tour of Niagara Wine Country

On Mother’s Day, everyone wants to let their mom know just how much she is loved and appreciated. But finding the right way to express your thanks for all she’s done for you can be a challenge. This Mother’s Day, consider giving your mom the gift of time spent together while enjoying a tour of Niagara’s wine country that is classy, educational, and fun. Niagara Vintage Wine Tours has many unique and exciting experiences to offer.

pairing wine with eggs

How to Pair Wine with Easter Eggs

Easter is upon us again. It is a time of year that is associated with rebirth and the coming of spring, not to mention one of the holiest days in the Christian calendar. Like any holiday, families that celebrate will gather to partake in traditions, and some of these traditions will doubtless centre around special foods to be enjoyed. An Easter favourite in many parts of the world is hardboiled eggs. Have you ever wondered how to pair wine with a food as innocuous as an egg?

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