Q: What’s better than a bottle of wine to yourself?
A: That’s easy, wine shared between friends!

So, you’re invited to a dinner party with all your friends? What fun! A chance to mingle and reconnect with great friends, and over great food and drinks! Bringing a bottle of wine for your host or hostess is always a kind gesture. Regardless if it’s intended for the party or as a gift in general, chances are they will enjoy having an extra bottle around! Now, the question is: which wine do I bring? Here are several tips to help ensure you bring a wine that everyone can enjoy.

Ask What’s for Dinner

Each wine has a variety of dishes it can best be paired with. If you’re bringing a wine for guests to enjoy with dinner or appetizers, you should ask your host or hostess what they plan on serving. Try asking a day or two in advance, or even the day of for a more accurate answer. Once you have an idea of what’s going to be on the menu, it will be easier for you to purchase a bottle of wine that will pair nicely with the meal or snacks. Try reading the label of the bottle for pairing tips. Often, the label will mention which protein compliments it best.

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Bringing Wine as a Gift

If you’re bringing a bottle of wine as a gift for your host or hostess, it’s important to know what they enjoy! If you don’t remember off the top of your head, you can always ask them, their significant other, or mutual friends! Once you know their absolute favourite, it will be much easier for you to find something you know they’ll enjoy. You might even find the next favourite on a wine tour in Niagara-on-the-Lake!

If you are bringing the wine as a gift, it’s important to remember that it’s a gift. You shouldn’t expect them to open the bottle that exact night. Always make sure to bring a bottle for yourself so you are not relying on your host to open theirs and share. Chances are they have made an educated decision on which wine to pair with the food being served, or there’s too much wine already! Or, they love the wine you’ve brought so much that they want to keep it for themselves. There’s no need to have hurt feelings or feel as though they aren’t gracious of your gift. It’s wine, who wouldn’t be gracious?

How to Travel the Wine

Regardless if you’re arriving by plane, train or automobile – it’s important to travel with your wine as safely as possible. Not only will this help to prevent the bottle from breaking or becoming damaged, but it can help to protect the wine from sunlight or aggressive shaking.

Wrapping the wine bottle in bubble wrap or a t-shirt should do the trick for added protection. Even a sweater will help protect the bottle from any bumps in the road. Some stores may even sell protective travel gear for wine bottles, like a bottle guard or customized bag. Even a sturdy purse, backpack or messenger bag should do the trick! Just make sure that the bottle is secure with the right amount of padding.

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