You haven’t experienced fine wine at it’s best, until you’ve sipped out of high-quality stemware.

Surprisingly, your wine glass can have a significant affect on its contents. The glass can affect the oxidization and alcohol evaporation, ultimately altering the flavour and aroma. Not only that, there are certain factors that can help you tell a high-quality glass apart from the ones with lesser quality. Let’s look at some of the tell-tale signs, so you can start enjoying your Niagara vintage wine from a glass that’s sure to impress.

With these techniques, you’ll become a wine glass pro in no time at all!

Quality of the Glass

Once you’ve discovered a set of wine glasses that you’re interested in, pick one up. Hold it up towards the light and take a good look at the colour. If the glass shows through as crystal-clear through the light, then chances are you’ve found a glass of good quality. If the colouring has a slight yellow or green tinge, it’s best that you move on to another set. This is your first clue that the glass is most likely manufactured poorly with materials of low value.

The only exception is if the glassware is manufactured to intentionally have coloured stems.

Wine Glasses and Superior Design

Passing the sight test is only the first step. Now, you should examine the overall structure of the glass. First, study the lip. You should be looking for glassware that has a flat, crisp lip that looks as though it has a sharp cut or sheared with scissors. A wine glass with a rounded rim is a clear-cut sign of poor manufacturing. If you find a glassware set with a bulbous rim, it’s time to move on and find another set.

The glass should also feel light and balanced while you hold it. Make sure that the stem isn’t too thick or too thin, as this can result in a fragile product that is easily broken, or an unbalanced glass. The size and circumference of the foot plays a part in the overall stability of the glass. A foot that’s too small might result in it easily tipping over, spilling your delicious wine all over the floor or breaking the glass altogether.

Next, give the glass a sharp tap at the middle of the bowl. A glass of higher value will produce a lovely bell-like sound for several seconds. If a quick rap on the side of the bowl results in a sharp “clink” noise, it’s best you set down the glass and move onto another.

What Kind of Wine Do You Drink?

Finally, let’s take a look at the shape and style of the glass.

The kind of glasses that you purchase can affect the taste of your wine. Red wine should always be served in a wider, larger bowl, while white wine should be served in a thin, tall bowl. Stemmed glasses showcase elegance, while stemless glasses are a little more casual. Stemless glasses can also be used to serve water, when placed beside a glass with a stem.

You may find it most beneficial to have a complete set of glasses for red wine, white wine, and casual drinking. Find glasses to fit your lifestyle, style, and taste! Better yet, why not find a new wine to go with these brand-new glasses?

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