Once you’ve found a wine you love, the only thing left to do is enjoy it. Everyone has a personal preference on how they enjoy certain foods and beverages, but with wine there are certain techniques that can help to enhance the flavour, aroma, and overall experience of the wine in hand.

Serving Wine at the Right Temperature

The temperature that a wine is stored and served at can have an impact on the overall experience. Certain temperatures can mute distinct flavours, which can change the intended taste. After finding a lovely new wine during your Niagara Vintage Wine Tour, it would be a shame to alter the flavour!

Red wine should always be served slightly below room temperature. As a rule of thumb, aim to serve your red wine at a temperature of 11°C to 20°C. Pinot Noir, among other light red wines, should be served on the cooler end of the scale.

White wine, on the other hand, should be served at a slightly cooler temperature. Aim to serve your white wine at about 6°C to 13°C. Lastly, sparkling wine should be kept the coldest. Serve your sparkling wine between 3°C to 7°C. A high-quality sparkling wine, such as champagne, should be served closer to white wine temperatures.

Opening and Pouring

How the wine is opened, served, and displayed can affect the wine-drinking experience. If you are hosting an event, wine tasting, or celebration, you may want to display your wine elegantly. The most visually appealing way to open your wine is by first cutting the top of the lip with foil cutters to reveal a smooth edge. You will need a quality wine bottle opener to successfully open the wine. Insert the wine opener into the cork, and in a few turns you will have a beautiful open bottle of wine to enjoy.

Are you serving red wine? It may be wise to use a decanter to enhance the flavour of your wine. After you’ve poured the wine into the decanter, you should let it sit for about 30 to 45 minutes to allow it to aerate. The average bottle of wine holds about 750 ml, which means it can be served into five 150 ml servings equally. Make sure your guests have their glasses ready!

Preserving Your Wine

It’s important that you properly preserve opened wine, as it most likely won’t last through the night if left out. When properly corked and preserved in the fridge, white wine can last anywhere from three to five days. Red wine also has a storage life of three to five days, but not in the fridge. Red wine should be corked and stored in a cool, dark place. Sparkling wines can be stored for roughly one to three days, with the help of a quality wine stopper. Sparkling wine should be kept in the fridge, along with your white wines.

You can store fortified wine and boxed wine for a longer amount of time. Fortified wine can be kept in the fridge for up to 28 days, and boxed wine for two to three weeks. You should always aim to keep track of how long a bottle of wine has been open for, to avoid drinking a wine that has gone bad. Learn more about how to store your opened and unopened wine here!

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