Every wine enthusiast should have the proper tools to serve and share their wines.

With the right tools and accessories, you can really take your love of wine to the next level. Certain accessories can make it easier to access the wine, store it, and even help emphasize the overall quality. We have gathered the top 5 accessories that wine lovers find helpful or enjoyable. Bring one home for yourself to use, or give to a friend who enjoys a glass of vino!

  1. Corkscrew

Have you ever tried to open a corked bottle of wine without a corkscrew? It’s not an easy or enjoyable task. Having the right corkscrew on-hand can prove to be very convenient. Not only does it make opening these bottles easier, but it opens up your options while purchasing wine. You can advance from only purchasing bottles with screw-on caps, or borrowing your next-door neighbours corkscrew.

Find a reputable brand that manufactures corkscrews, so that it’s comfortable for you to use and lasts longer. You don’t want to have to struggle with a corkscrew that hurts your hands or doesn’t work properly after a few uses. Remember, sometimes functionality is better than style. Read reviews online, or ask an expert about what brand might be good to purchase.

  1. Aerator

Aerating your wine can make a world of difference. An aerator helps to quickly oxidize your wine by the glass instead of by the bottle. It can make your wine taste better, as the aerator helps to soften the flavours and release the aroma. This is usually a quick process, so you can enjoy your drink right away!

Not only that, since you can aerate wine by the glass, it reduces the chances of wasting any wine. You can simply aerate what you drink, and then store the rest for later. With a decanter, any unused wine should be disposed of – unfortunately wasting it. This way, you can enjoy as much wine as you would like, without feeling guilty about pouring the rest down the drain.

However, a decanter can be extremely useful – especially if you enjoy entertaining guests! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of decanters!

  1. Decanter

A decanter is perfect for serving wine to larger groups of people. If you are planning on having guests over for a party, or a holiday dinner party, a decanter might be the perfect addition! You should add the wine to the decanter roughly 30-60 minutes before you intend on consuming it. This allows enough time for the wine to properly aerate and reach its full potential.

Decanter are priced based on quality and style. Find a unique and fun looking decanter to showcase your own personal preferences! It can prove to be quite the conversation piece, adding a flare of style and uniqueness to any room!

  1. Wine Glasses

Any wine expert will tell you that wine glasses are essential for an authentic wine-tasting experience.

Investing in a high-quality set of wine glasses can prove to pay off for years to come. Not only will your collection match, but they will improve the way you taste your wine. Wine glasses help to release, collect, and unlock the aroma. Features of the glass, including the height, capacity, and shape help to improve both the flavour and aroma of the wine.

Different glasses are preferred for different kinds of wine. To spice up your glass collection, find a personalized glass that is just for you. It can be unique, fun and really showcase your style! To learn more about how different glasses can affect the wine, and which glass is best for certain kinds, ask an expert during your next Niagara wine tour!

  1. Wine Rack

How you store a bottle of wine can truly affect the quality of its contents. That’s where a wine rack can really come in handy! A wine rack can hold multiple bottles, depending on the size and capacity. Storing them properly can also provide proper protection from being knocked over, shaken, or dropped.

Wine racks are available in many different shapes, styles, and sizes. You should first decide where your wine rack is going to go, before you start shopping. This way the style will match the room and fit perfectly too! Try to store the wine away from windows or other hot areas so that it will not spoil quickly.

Learn more about different wines and accessories that can boost your overall experience during your next wine tour. Niagara Vintage Wine Tours offers a variety of different Niagara wine tours, throughout the year! Contact us today to book a local tour with the #1 rated Niagara wine tour company on TripAdvisor!