A Niagara Vintage Wine Tour is the perfect opportunity to begin planning a successful wine tasting party. A tour will introduce you to the basics of wine tasting and provide you with a useful resource guide that’s perfect for entertaining.

Why Host A Wine Tasting Party?

There are many perks to hosting a wine tasting at your home. Why not invite a group of your wine-loving family and friends over to enjoy a night of fabulous wines and quality time? Now the question is, how do you host a successful wine tasting party? In four simple steps, you will be well on your way to an enjoyable night full of laughter, loved ones, and of course, wine!

1. Pick a Theme

Every great wine tasting party has a great theme. Some ideas for a theme can include:

  • Variety – one specific wine from different regions
  • Value – pick a price point and explore what kinds of wine are available for that amount
  • Style – taste a variety of wines in the same style (ex: dessert wines or crisp, dry white wines)
  • Region – try a variety of wines from the same region
  • Blind Tasting – disguise the identity of your wines and allow your guests to guess
  • Random – have everyone bring a bottle and see where the evening takes you

A theme gives your guests something to look forward to and contribute to. It can also benefit you and your guests with added knowledge about specific wines and regions.

Why not plan a Niagara-on-the-Lake themed wine tasting? You can book a Niagara Vintage Wine Tour to explore different wines that you might want to offer at your wine tasting party.

2. Invite Your Guests

Wine tastings can easily go from laid back and enjoyable, to busy and overwhelming. When preparing your list of attendees, it is beneficial to keep it intimate. A small group of guests will help keep the night simple and enjoyable for everyone.

When you invite your guests, be sure to pick a date and time that works well for everybody. And take this time to inform them of the wine tasting theme and inquire about any dietary restrictions, dislikes or allergies. Also, take this time to let your guests know to avoid any perfumes or lotions, as they can disrupt the wine tasting atmosphere and affect the aromas.

3. The Perfect Food Pairings

Most wines have a variety of natural food pairings that they tend to go best with. If you have an idea of what kind of wine might be at your party, you may want to plan the menu accordingly. Finger foods and appetizers can usually provide guests with a wide variety of food choices – thus appealing to a group of individuals with different likes and dislikes.

For some wine pairing examples: Pinot Noir tends to pair best with earthy flavours, like mushrooms, truffles, and duck. Light Pinot go well with cold meats, light dishes with creamy sauces, and goat cheese. Chardonnay pairs well with seafood, while Champagne goes well with a variety of desserts.

Click here to learn more about the best wine and food pairings for your wine tasting party. The Epic Food, Wine and Beer Tour provides great examples of food pairings with wine and beer, it’s the go-to tour for ‘foodies’.

4. The Ultimate Wine Tasting Atmosphere

It’s important to keep the scent of the atmosphere as neutral as possible, as to not disturb the aromas of the wines. Be sure to let guests know to avoid perfumes and hand lotions, and avoid decorating with any scented candles or aromatic flowers.

Tables should be set accordingly so that food, wine, glassware, and water are easily accessible. You can decorate according to the current season or theme of the wine tasting. A vase or bowl full of ornaments, tinsel or artificial pine tree leaves are perfect for the winter season.

Niagara-on-the-Lake Wine Tours

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