A wine tour presents the perfect opportunity to explore different wines. Not only do you have a chance to try a variety of wines, but you can learn about them, too! Our wine expert guides are more than happy to answer questions and teach you all about the wines as you tour through Niagara Wine Country.

It’s important that you ask questions during your wine tour. This is the best time to learn about certain wines, which can help you identify trends with your favourites. Wine shopping will be a much smoother experience in the future once you have a better idea of what factors contribute to your personal palette.

Which Questions Should You Ask?

Food and Wine Pairings

What goes better with wine, than the perfect dish?

The right food can truly complement your wine of choice. Luckily, during your Niagara Vintage Wine Tour, you will have a wine expert at your fingertips who can suggest the best food to pair with your wine. They live and breathe wine, and will definitely know their food pairings. You can ask which food goes best with a particular wine, or the other way around. If you make a certain special dish at home, they might be able to give you some ideas about which wine would go best with that meal.

The History of the Vineyard

The vineyard itself plays a very important role with your tour. Learning more about the history of the vineyard can provide you with further information on how the grapes and grown and the properties of the wine you’re drinking. There is a bounty of rich history in the soil of Niagara-on-the-Lake wineries.

Each Niagara winery has a unique backstory. Your tour guide will be happy to educate you further about the vineyard during your wine tour. Just ask!

Blends, Barrels, and Bottling

A Niagara Vintage Wine Tour presents a great opportunity to learn more about local wine. If your favourite wine is a blend of two or more grapes, inquire about what each varietal brings to the wine and how they complement each other. Different varietals have different characteristics and blending two or more together is a true art.

How the vineyard ferments and barrels their wine can affect the result, along with how long it’s aged for. Your tour guide can elaborate further about how the wine is prepared and how certain techniques can affect the flavour. Certain shapes of wine bottles can also affect the end result.

Vineyard Practices and Weather

How grapes are grown, tended, and harvested greatly affects the resulting wines. Why not ask your tour guide about how they think the weather this year will affect the wine? Particularly dry or rainy seasons can have a sizeable impact on the overall quality of the grapes. This can be worrisome for many wineries.

There is so much to learn and explore during a Niagara Vintage Wine Tour. You can take this time to ask questions and to hear incredible stories. If you are new to wine, it might be a good idea to brush up on your wine vocabulary before your wine tour. You can learn about certain wine lingo and what it means here, to ensure that you truly understand the answers to your questions.

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